2024 Rules & Regulations


  1. Riders may only team up with each boater 1 time per season (excluding classic ) unless rider has fished with every boater
  2. Tournaments cannot start before the final word is given by the tournament director
  3. In the event a member will be late for a tournament, he must contact a officer before the tournament begins & have a boat check performed upon arrival by a member or be subject to disqualification, if a boater is late, the rider will be placed in another boat if available. If the rider is late, the boater will pick him up at the launch but the rider must call or he will not fish that day
  4. Dead fish penalty will be 4 oz. per fish
  5. Late weigh in penalty is 1 lb. per minute up to 10 minutes then a disqualification will occur. The member will still receive their show up points
  6. The classic entrance fee will be $170. per member & $20. per day per man for daily lunker prize. For every regular season event a member fishes, that members classic entry will be reduced by 10 $.  If all 7 MCA regular season events are fished, the classic entry would be 100.00
  7. Classic site will be chosen by the top 3 top boaters & voted on by the boater members
  8. Tournament riders will pick out of a hat to determine their boater for the day
  9. Tournament start times will commence @ 7:00 am during March/April/May (or1st safe light), 6:00am (or 1st safe light) during June/July/August, 7:00am (or 1st safe light) during September/October
  10. All members must notify tournament director starting on Monday at 12 :00 am on the week of the event. As the members are against a “3 in a boat”__( boater’s option )
    situation, any rider or boater who fails to contact the tournament director by Wednesday @ 5 pm will forfeit his “show up points” for that tournament. The rider/boater will still get credit for any fish caught & money won-
    IF there is no boat available, the rider will not fish that tournament
  11. Tournament fees are $30.00 + $10.00 lunker (optional). Tournament director must be notified before the start if member chooses not to enter the lunker pool. $10. from each entrance fee will go towards the classic payout
  12. Fish weighed in will be measured according to Pa. Bass rules: mouth closed, tail slightly depressed – swiping of the tail is acceptable. Short fish will result in a 1 lb. penalty + loss of fish.  Any time the scale is not able to be used, fish will be measured on a dink board and photo will need to be taken to verify catch.  Also a written log will need to be kept and presented to the TD at the end of the event.  Longest 5 fish will be accepted for total length.
  13. Club scoring will be based on a 20 point system, 1st place will receive 20 points, 2nd place will receive 19 points, 3rd place will receive 18 points, etc. In order to receive these points, the member must weigh in a legal sized bass. All members will receive 5 additional points for attending the tournament, whether they catch a fish or not. 
  1. Yearly club dues are $100 ($110 if a returning member pays his dues after the January meeting). The breakdown is as follows:

A. Lunker-of-the-Year Award = $100

B. PA Bass Nation Dues = $50 per member

C. National Bass Dues = $30 per member

D. Youth/Conservation Day = $300

E. Angler-of-Year Award = $200 + plaque

 (Club will also pay for traveling plaque tag)

F. Co-Angler-of-Year Award = $100 + plaque

G. Any remaining funds will be paid out at the Classic Tournament.

  1. Bass Federation Nation rules govern all other phases. See the attached club amendment to these rules
  2. All 7 MCA regular season events will count towards AOY points, there will be 1 throw away per member 
  3. Classic tournament will pay out the top 1/2 of the field, if there is an odd number of members, we will round up to the next higher number
  4. The club will pay out a boater and rider lunker award on both days during the club classic.
  5. The classic tournament will be a 2 day event ( 2 full 8 hour days). The fee will be based on rule #6
  6. The classic payout will be as follows: 1st place – 27%, 2nd place – 15%, 3rd place – 12%, 4th place – 10%, 5th place – 8%, 6th place – 7%, 7th place – 5% . Lunker will be paid out of the 20.00 dollar per day paid into lunker pot.
  7. The regular season tournament pay out format will be – for every 3 members in attendance, 1 will receive a cash payout.
  8. All remaining club funds will be paid out at the classic tournament. In the event that no fish are weighed in, the funds will be paid out to the attending members
  9. Club officers will decide if a tournament disqualification is necessary for just cause, cheating or lying will be grounds for being expelled from the club
  10. Tournaments may be delayed/cancelled or moved by the tournament director for safety reasons ( fog, floods, etc. )  During FOG…navigation lights must be in and working on boat or you will be DQ’ed. 
  11. A kill switch (if equipped) must be used anytime the boat motor is in gear & in operation
  12. A life jacket must be worn by the boater & rider anytime during tournament hours while boat is in operation, this does not included the loading and unloading of your boat. 
  13. An existing or new rule can not be changed more than one time per year & are in effect for 1 year after the last winter meeting ends
  14. If a member contacts the tournament director with plans to attend a tournament & does not attend, the member will be penalized 5 points (except in an emergency)
  15. Rider fee is a minimum of 30.00 per day…co anglers will offer their boater for the day a minimum of 30.00 per day.  If a boater has no co angler, then they will not receive any money.
  16. Club members ( boaters or riders )may bring a guest to a tournament if they choose, however – the guest must compete as a rider only & the guest can only participate twice per year. The guest will be required to pay the $40. entrance fee and the minimum $30 rider fee. The club member may bring multiple guests (one guest per tourney) during the year if they choose. The guest will be permitted to fish with the member who brought them to both tournaments if they choose, former members will be placed in the riders pool. Members cannot bring a guest if it will hamper the club or the tournament in any way
  17. A member must weigh in a legal sized bass to receive any prize money during a regular tournament
  18. The club officers have the option to reduce the daily limit of bass in a tournament for just cause, restricted horsepower lakes will be a 3 fish limit
  19. All boats used in a club tourney MUST have a working livewell system or the owner may be directed to trailer his boat by the tournament director
  20. The Club will pay out 1 lunker prize for each regular season tournament
  21. The buddy tournament will use the following payout format: 2-5 teams-1st place payout only, 6-9 teams-1st & 2nd place payout, 10 or more teams-1st, 2nd, & 3rd place payout
  22. A member must fish at least 75% of their regular season tournaments as a co angler in order to qualify for the co angler of the year award
  23. If a small craft advisory is issued for the day of a MCA tournament, that day ( or tournament ) will be canceled or moved for safety/insurance reasons by the club officers. 
  24. The boaters & riders will vote on & pick the regular season tournament locations
  25. The 3 top boaters must all pick a different classic location
  26. All members must notify the club with their plans to join the club or not by the 2nd meeting
  27. If a boater shows up at a tournament & decides to fish as a rider for that tournament, his name will go into the riders pool, if the riders pool drawing has already been completed, a redraw will occur
  28. Boaters & riders will have the same bag limits
  29. The PA Bass Nation 6 man state team will be determined by the top 6 regular season points totals of the members.  Boaters will be the top 3 and co anglers will be the next 3