Saturday, October 16, 2021
2018 Results
 TitleOwnerCategoryModified DateSize 
Mosquito Lake 2018Derek Severns 8/30/201810.04 KBDownload
Mon River State Event #3Derek Severns 8/30/201810.11 KBDownload
Randolph Jennings 2018Derek Severns 8/30/201810.25 KBDownload
Year to Date Points as of 8/30/18Derek Severns 8/30/201810.57 KBDownload
Stonewall Jackson 2018Derek Severns 8/30/201810.17 KBDownload
Lake Erie 2018Derek Severns 8/30/20189.95 KBDownload
AOY Points 2018Derek Severns 11/14/201810.57 KBDownload
2018 MCA ClassicDerek Severns 11/14/201810.38 KBDownload
Cheat Lake 2018Derek Severns 8/30/20189.97 KBDownload
Kahle Lake 2018Derek Severns 11/14/20189.80 KBDownload
Conneaut Lake 2018Derek Severns 8/30/201810.05 KBDownload
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